Welcome to my journey.  “A journey beginning at age 50?” you might ask.  It’s a very good question.  While my life started half a century ago, a new chapter has just begun.

I have struggled with my weight for my entire adult life.  It has been up and down but mostly up.  I declared 1998 as the year of Barefoot and I set my sights on losing all the extra weight I was carrying.  I managed to lose 165 lbs.  and I looked and felt fabulous.  During that year I met a guy online and we became fast friends.  A year later we were married.  At age 38 I was adjusting to being married for the first time.  Add to that the fact that my new husband was from out west and had never experienced all the food Louisiana has to offer.  Long story short, we both love to eat and I gained all my weight back within a couple of years.

I have often dreamed of being able to have bariatric surgery, the gastric bypass to be specific.  Unfortunately, insurance companies have been slow to recognize the health benefits this type of surgery offers.  I currently have diabetes, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea – the triple threat.  Given the opportunity to have this surgery, all three of those issues will disappear.  I’ve never had an insurance company that would pay for it and coming up with $20k is out of the question.

Recently, I received word through my employer’s insurance administrators that they were partnering with a large bio-medical research center to begin a pilot program offering weight loss solutions to members that qualified.  Those of us who qualified would be put in a lottery and names would be drawn according to region.

Yesterday I won the lottery.

This blog will be about this journey – the ups and downs – but it will be about my life in general.  Come with me if you want.