I have the occasion at work to have to ask people how much they weigh. I know – it is the most uncomfortable question. I know how I feel about speaking that number out loud so it pains me to ask someone else for their number.

Today there was a petite woman at my desk who proudly gave me her number then said this was so much better than the 395 lbs she used to weigh. She was a good four inches shorter than me so I can’t imagine how she would have looked at that weight. I asked how she did it and she said she had had the gastric sleeve procedure in 2008. The only way you could tell that she had once been much larger was the excess skin on her upper arms. She looked fantastic.

I told her that I am going to be having one of the procedures soon. She told me it was the best thing she had ever done for herself. I congratulated her. So inspiring for me. I can’t wait to feel that inner pride again.