Started the shakes yesterday. Day one went pretty well. I am to have five shakes per day at 160 calories each for a total of 800 calories per day. I can add artificial sweeteners, flavorings, and spices if I choose. I’m not a fan of strawberry shakes so I opted for the chocolate, vanilla, and creamy potato soup.

I started the morning with a chocolate shake. I didn’t add anything to it and it tasted fine to me. I had expected something horrible and gritty but this isn’t bad. There is a little grit due to the fiber but it is definitely tolerable.

At lunch I tried the potato soup. It definitely needs a bit of spice. It is the blandest of the three. I made a huge mess when I heated up 8 oz of water in my blender bottle then added the mix and shook it. I had forgotten that steam expands. It spewed all over, even in my hair. I certainly had my duh! moment. I had a vanilla shake mid-afternoon and had a chocolate just before I got off of work. I had my final chocolate shake at around 10 last night. I waited way too late and was very shaky. I had been so exhausted from the graduation travels the night before that I feel asleep when I got home. I won’t be doing that again because I felt miserable.

During my lunch break, I went upstairs and walked for 10 minutes around the top floor. My knees and back were singing but I made it through. I love to go downtown and walk in the French Quarter and I’m so looking forward to being able to do that again soon.

I must admit that today had been quite a bit harder. Except for this morning when I wasn’t very hungry, I have felt hunger all day long. The shakes, no matter how slowly I have consumed them, have not taken care of that feeling. I have been drinking lots of water but that hasn’t help keep me full either. Earlier today I felt headachy because I was so hungry.

I did learn to pace my meals today. Every three hours seems to be just right. I am supposed to add 2 tsp of canola oil to one shake per day to keep my gallbladder happy but I forgot last night. I remembered to put it in tonight’s shake and it sure makes it tasty. I think the fat may help keep me feeling fuller tonight. I also managed to walk for 15 minutes at lunch today.

After work we made a trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and I got up enough nerve to buy a scale. I haven’t owned one in about 12 years. This one not only tells me my weight but also my BMI, percentage of body fat, total fat in lbs, percentage of bone mass, and percentage of body water. Those were some ugly numbers to look at a while ago but I needed to see them.

I’m glad to be off for the weekend so I can settle into this more. I know it will get easier. Poor hubby has to eat real food so I’m going to have to adjust to him cooking and me not being able to taste it. Tonight he’s having homemade shepherd’s pie and it looks and smells yummy. But I’m going to be content with my shake and water.

Two days down, twelve to go.