Surgery was on Tuesday but much later than expected.  The doc had a new scope he used for the first time on an earlier patient and it took him much longer to complete the procedure.  They wound up taking me back about 6 pm.  Thanks to some earlier abdominal scar tissue, it took him twice as long on my procedure and he had to make a slightly bigger main incision.  All went well.  When I woke up in recovery, I had a lot of pain and nausea so they kept me an extra hour.  I didn’t get up to my room until almost midnight.  It made for a very long day for my family.

The hospital stay was pretty uneventful.  I got up the next day after they removed the catheter and was able to walk around the room.  I slept most of that first day.  My dear mom had spent the night with me so hubby could go home and take care of the dogs.  Day two went well but I didn’t think I’d ever get released. The nurses did say I was doing exceptionally well compared to other by-pass patients, who apparently do a lot of crying due to pain.  I didn’t shed a tear the entire time as I didn’t feel the pain was that bad.  By the time they got the paperwork processed and my drain removed (ouch!), it was 4:30 pm and the rain was horrible.  What should have been an hour ride home became two hours but getting home was worth it.  My dogs were just as happy to see me as I was then, especially the bigger one, who had whined for me the entire three days.

I was able to begin drinking my proteins that evening and the zero carb Isopure drinks are pretty good.  It took me 24 hours to finish the first one and I’m still working on the second.  Yesterday, I was able to begin my “full liquids”, which are milk-based.  I started the day with some low fat cottage cheese.  Hubby fussed at me for just bringing the entire container with me and a spoon rather than putting some in a bowl.  He was afraid I would overeat.  Ha!  I nibbled about a teaspoon and a half and was done.

Yogurt is my favorite thus far.  I have some Danon Light & Fit, which is very low in sugars (2g).  That was my second adventure into food yesterday.  The containers are 4 oz and I ate on it for over an hour.  I have both vanilla and strawberry but have only had the vanilla.

Last night I got out a can of low fat cream of mushroom soup and mixed it with an equal amount of skim milk.  It really took care of the savory craving I was having.  I ate about 3 oz over about 30 minutes twice yesterday.  So yummy!

I am finding it very easy to know that I am full.  It is that typical full feeling that I suppose everyone has.  It comes on very quickly. I really have to space my sips or bites and take things slowly.

I’m having to hold off taking actual showers due to the drain hole in my stomach.  Sponge bathing is not fun and doesn’t give the same results.  Hubby is going to wash my hair in the kitchen sink today because I can sit and lean back there.  I might even put on some real clothes and go walk outside a bit after that.  My incision look good.  The main incision has some redness and drainage but all is well within the normal range and I am keeping a good eye on it.

Today I have the feeling of being a bit lighter.  I hadn’t weighed since about two weeks pre-op and I probably put on a couple of pounds in that last week.  I had weighed 332 that day and just now weighed 323.6.  I am down right at 8 1/2 lbs and I am thrilled.  I am feeling good as well.  This is becoming less scary and seeming much more doable.

When I began the study, I weighed 362.  Between the liquid diet and my voluntarily changing my eating habits, I lost 30 lbs pre-op.  I’m coming up on 40.  I am not on any medication at the moment.  The only questionable one will be my high blood pressure meds.  My BP ran in the 150’s over 80’s while in the hospital and the doc wasn’t concerned at all.  I am to followup with my local doc next week.  She will be so proud of me.