I’ve added a widget to the side just to show my weightloss track. As of today, I’ve lost 43.5 lbs since May 8th. I am down 13.5 lbs since surgery.

My recovery continues to go pretty well. I had an issue with drainage from the main incision over the past couple of days, but that seems to have stopped. It is all very normal and there is no infection involved.

Two nights ago I sneezed twice and my abs to the left of the main incision felt as if I had torn them. I sneezed again last night and the pain was excruciating. I would not have been surprised to see my whole inside come bursting out. That didn’t happen and I was happy about that. I spoke to my dear friend who happens to be a nurse and she tells me that it sounds like the old scar tissue from the previous abdominal surgery is starting to come into play. The pain is not constant and, while getting moving is painful, once I am moving it is tolerable and even goes away. I’m just going to have to power through this. I know it will go away. I have an appointment with the surgeon on Monday and I’ll talk to him about this if things haven’t changed by then.

Today I have plans to get out of this house finally. My friend is coming to pick me up and we are going to run a couple of light errands then we will hang out while hubby is at work. Tomorrow morning I have an appointment with my PCP and Friday I am driving to Baton Rouge to meet my bestie for a while. It feels good to know I’m going to be moving about. I’ve been in this house too long.