The past two days have been filled with pretty intense burning in my abs. I truly believe it was the pre-existing scar tissue that was giving me trouble. But I was determined today and it wasn’t going to keep me home. I needed to get out an move around a bit.

My dear friend picked me up and we ran several errands that included walking around three stores. We didn’t overdo it at all. When I would first get out of the car, I had some burning pain but after I had been moving a few minutes, it would subside. I walked at a nice, even pace, not too fast at all. We had a great time.

We went back to her house until hubby came to pick me up at 7 when he got off of work. After he arrived, I stood up out of the chair and noticed I didn’t have any pain. We all left to go out for dinner (my first restaurant experience!) and I drove there. Again, when I stood up, no pain. It’s suddenly just gone. I really feel as if I could go dancing right now.

The restaurant experience was interesting. It was dollar taco night so everyone else ordered tacos. I ordered a cup of tortilla and chicken soup and ate the delicious broth. I was a happy camper. The only thing I forgot was I ordered water to drink with my meal. Big no, no! I drank a bit before the soup got there and I caught myself taking a big ol’ drink of water. My eyes got real big and I shoved the water to hubby. LOL I’m really going to have to concentrate on not having anything to drink with meals. It’s going to be tough.

Such a fun day. Such a nice thing to be pain free.