Yesterday was a month since my surgery and I am definitely feeling motivated. My incision has stopped draining and is healing very quickly. In just two days it has just about completely closed up. It went from four weeks of draining to almost healed so quickly, it’s shocking.

I have worked out at Curves twice and expect to be going there five days a week. Yesterday I met a woman there named Kim. She is probably a good 10 years older than I am and she had a by-pass four years ago. She looks amazing. Her skin is mostly tight and she says she has had no plastic surgery to correct it. She credits Curves and her dedication to working out there for the way she looks. Such an inspiration!

We are beginning to get out on Eric’s days off rather than just vegging around the house like we used to. It feels good to be out and moving.

I would say that I’ve had a successful month in spite of the incision issue that kept me pretty sedentary for two weeks. I’m moving forward from here and ready to face this next month of the journey.