So let’s start with the high points. Yesterday morning when I weighed I found that I had lost 30.3 lbs since surgery and a total of 50.3 lbs since the start of this journey. I was so thrilled that I celebrated with a pedicure last evening. I feel great and my feet look awesome.

This morning’s weigh-in showed me at 299.1, which means I have said goodbye to 300 lbs forever. If I could have done a back flip, I would have. I’m not rewarding myself two days in a row but I’ll be getting an iPhone 5 soon and that will be a great reward.

Now to the low points – Thursday evening I hit the proverbial wall at Curves and my body wanted to just quit cooperating. I pushed through and finished the workout anyway. On the way home I realized that last week I had only worked out on Thursday and Friday then I had two days of rest. By the time Thursday came around this week, it was my fourth workout in a row and I had been working out hard. My body was trying to tell me that it was not at all used to working this hard and it wanted to quit. Yesterday morning I was sore and my right foot was hurting. It didn’t ease up all day so I make the decision to take yesterday off and give it a chance to rest. Do I feel guilty about not working out last night? Oh boy, do I. I will be back at it on Monday and I’m planning to get out and walk some in the French Quarter early tomorrow morning so that I don’t have three days off.

When I began this blog, I decided I would pretty much put it all out here – good, bad, or ugly. So it is here that I have to admit what I let myself do last night. We went out to dinner with some dear friends and decided to try a new Mexican place close to home. I don’t know why I felt so compelled to order my own entree. My only excuse is that my brain is still fat.

I ordered carnitas, which is bits of pork grilled and served like fajitas. It came with grilled onions, rice, beans, and guacamole. Now Eric had ordered the mixed fajitas and I could have just eaten off of his plate but no. I had to have my carnitas.

It came out and it was a huge skillet of pork meat, which in itself isn’t so bad because I could bring it home and eat on it for several meals. The grilled onions were fine because they are ok to eat and very tasty. I started working on a bit of the pork and, although a bit dry, it was pretty tasty. I ate four or five normally bite-sized pieces then ate some of the onion. We were talking and having a good time and I ate it too fast, I admit. My stomach told me that this was enough so I stopped. A couple of minutes later I glanced over at that guacamole and decided I would taste it. I REALLY love guacamole and this was pretty good. Then my brain kicked into automatic and before I knew it, I had eaten all of the guacamole, which was at least 1.5 ounces. My stomach was screaming at me. I got a bad case of the hiccups and it wouldn’t stop. Next thing I felt was that I had to excuse myself. By the time we left the restaurant, my stomach had dumped all of the guacamole and I felt like crap. This was a first for me and, hopefully, a big lesson learned. I told Eric that I am not allowed to order my own entree any more. I will eat something off of what he orders. He’s ok with that. This way I can get a small plate and put only what I can eat on it. I’m also still learning to eat slower and chew, chew, chew, but that is a work in progress. I have to learn to be present in the moment and pay attention to what and how I am eating. While this was in no way pleasant, I am glad that my new stomach is doing its job.

It was an emotional 24 hours and I’m thankful for it all.